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Improve Your TV Audio With a USB Transmitter & Save Up to 75%

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Does Your TV Have a Good Quality Audio?

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Connect Wireless Headphones

Enjoy movies or shows without disturbing others. A USB Bluetooth transmitter lets you connect your TV to wireless headphones, allowing you to listen at your desired volume without bothering anyone else in the house.

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Enhance the Audio Experience

WaveTune USB transmitter can bridge the gap if your TV’s built-in speakers lack punch or clarity. Connect the transmitter to your TV and pair it with a high-quality speaker or soundbar for a more immersive audio experience.

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Accessibility for Viewers

This USB transmitter helps viewers with hearing impairments. Connect the transmitter to your TV and pair it with Bluetooth hearing aids to enjoy clearer and amplified sound directly to your ears.

For All Your Listening Needs

Late-Night TV space

Late-Night TV

Wireless Sound space

Wireless Sound

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Accessible space


Group Setting space

Group Setting

Audio Freedom space

Audio Freedom

Choose WaveTune: Improve Your TV Audio System

  • Wireless freedom: Listen to your TV’s audio through Bluetooth headphones or speakers without being tethered by wires.

  • Enhanced Audio: Use high-quality speakers for a superior audio experience compared to your TV’s built-in speakers.

  • Improved Accessibility: A USB transmitter lets you use wireless headphones with adjustable volume levels to better hear the TV’s audio.

  • Multiple Connection: Connect two sets of Bluetooth headphones or speakers simultaneously with the same USB transmitters.

  • Convenience: Easy to set up and use, typically by just plugging the transmitter into your TV’s USB port and pairing it with audio systems.

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Jenny S. Verified

United States


Perfect For Night Owls

Absolutely love this USB transmitter! My wife is a light sleeper and i used to have to listen to TV at super low volumes late at night, which was frustrating. Now, i can connect my wireless headphones to this transmitter and listen at my own volume without bothering her. Happy wife happy life!

Blake T. Verified

United States


Easy TV Update

My old TV doesn’t have bluetooth, but this transmitter has given it a new lease on life! Now I can finally use my favorite wireless headphones to listen to movies and shows. The sound quality is much better than the built-in speakers.

Polly G. Verified

United States


Works as Expected

It took just a couple of days to receive this transmitter. It works well. I’m satisfied with my purchase.

Monica R. Verified

United States


Improved My Entertainment

As someone with mild hearing loss, this transmitter is amazing for me. I used to struggle to hear the TV clearly, even with the volume cranked up. Now, I can connect my headphones and finally hear dialogue and sound effects perfectly. It’s made watching TV so much more enjoyable for me.

Try WaveTune USB Transmitters and Save Up to 75%

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