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Control All Your TVs

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Overwhelmed by Wonky and Expensive TV Remotes?

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Universally Adaptable Remote

This WaveTune TV remote replaces the need to own different remotes for different TVs. It adapts to all of your devices, including the smart TVs.

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Simple to Use

The smart TV remotes can be tricky to use, especially for less tech-savvy people. This remote is easy to navigate, connect, and use for everyone.

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Compatible with all Brands

This remote controls more than just one brand of TV. You can easily connect it with all the most popular TV retailers and replace their expensive remotes.

The Best Remote Controller

Compatible space


Easy to use space

Easy to use

 Large buttons space

Large buttons

 Rechargeable space


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Durable space


Choose WaveTune Universal Remote: One Remote Controller For Your TVs

  • All-in-One Controller: Forget the mess of owning numerous controllers. The WaveTune remote lets you control your TVs, regardless of brand. 

  • Easy Setup: Unlike other controllers with confusing manuals, this remote simplifies the setup. Choose your device, and the remote will do all the rest.

  • Shortcut Settings: WaveTune remote can create one-touch shortcuts for your favorite actions. Like adjusting the volume and switching to your favorite channel with one button.

  • Easily Clickable Buttons: No squinting at tiny buttons or figuring out button-less remotes. With this remote, you’ll get clear and easily clickable buttons.

  • Glowing in the Dark: Never lose your remote in the dark. This WaveTune controller comes with glow-in-the-dark buttons for your convenience.

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Zoe T. Verified

United States


Excellent Remote

I used to have a few different remotes for different TVs at my home, and it was making a total mess around. There are so many remotes, and they would disappear so quickly, and then i’d have to repurchase a new one. Now, with this WaveTune remote, i can live so much easier. Just one remote controls all the tvs! Better yet, i bought a couple from the get-go, so now, if i lose one, i have another!!

Michel M. Verified

United States


Works as Expected

This remote works great once you get it set up. It controls all my TVs perfectly, and the programmable buttons are a nice touch. It was also delivered on time. I would recommend this product.

Josh L. Verified

United States


Fantastic Use for Elderly People

I got a couple of these remotes to all my grandparents because they used to complain that their regular remotes’ buttons were too small or difficult to use. This remote is super easy to set up and has huge buttons. They even shine in the dark, so it’s easy for my grandparents to see them!

Elle K. Verified

United States


Controls All My Devices

I was impressed by how this remote controlled my different televisions. I didn’t think that was even possible! For one remote to control all of these devices!

Get The WaveTune Remote and Save Up to 65%

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