Summary: This new antenna is changing the way people watch TV, and cable providers can’t figure out what to do.

Things were simpler a few years ago when you could pay a small fee for your cable bill and enjoy a wide selection of channels. But these days, things are getting more complicated as new providers and streaming services monopolize their shows.

But all that stops with WaveTune. It’s manufactured and distributed by a US-based startup that found a loophole in the legal agreements of these cable platforms and built an innovative gadget to exploit it.

What Is This New Technology?

This new tech is called WaveTune, and it was invented by a NASA engineer using military technology to harness low-frequency broadcast waves. He wanted to invent a sophisticated means of communication but got something much more. Once he knew what he had, he started the company and hired a team of lawyers and marketers to market it.

You can think of WaveTune as a super-antenna that’s precise enough to pick up what we call ‘over-the-air’ TV signals that no other antenna could detect before now.

WaveTune’s super-antenna uses a modern and sleek design that makes it the most technologically superior antenna on the market today.

Now, anyone can pick up more than 100+ TV channels by paying a small one-time fee.

But how hard is it really to get this thing working? And how can regular folk like you and me use NASA technology?

How Does It Work?

Well, the only thing you need to do is connect WaveTune to your TV screen. The engineering team has set everything up to work as smoothly as possible. They even included all the cords and connectors in the box!

Once it’s hooked up to your TV, you’re good to go.

You can instantly start enjoying all your favorite channels for free. No, seriously, the setup is that easy.

It’s Very Easy to Launch WaveTune

I Tested It Myself, And Here’s What We Found:

It’s amazing that WaveTune isn’t a bigger wave right now. While we tested it, here’s what we found:

Crisp HDTV Display;

Affordable One-Time Payment;

Ridiculously Easy Setup;

Works With All TVs;

Sleek And Stylish Black Design;

Over 100 Premium TV Channels For Free;

Easily Portable For Traveling And Moving.

It’s crazy. They were out of stock two months ago, and my neighbors wouldn’t let me rest. They all wanted to get one for themselves.

You’d better get yours before it goes out of stock again.

How Can The Cable Networks Allow This?

The truth is, they don’t really have a say in the matter. You see, all cable networks are bound by law to broadcast an additional “over-the-air signal” in addition to what they send to your receivers and antennas.

This law ensures that the proper authorities can monitor their operations. To keep regular folks like us from accessing free TV, the cable companies make their signals very low-frequency.

I’m telling you, you need to get one of these bad boys right now. And you can get it here for a heavy discount.

People Are Spreading The Hype On Social Media

How Much Does It Cost?

Cable TV prices in the US have been on a steady incline for years. At the moment, just cable can cost you more than $100 per month! That’s without all the sports and TV packages that can add even more to the monthly bill.  If you look at the features of WaveTune, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a price tag of up to $250, which would still be lower than most of its competitors (some cost over $300!). 

At the moment of writing this review, you can get WaveTune for as little as $39.95. And that’s just one-time cost!

If you select a 3-pack, you will only pay $89.85 (which turns out to be just $29.95 per antenna). Usually, this pack costs $242.84 but the price has been reduced to $89.85 for a limited time only – that’s a BIG 70% discount!

WaveTune is incomparable to modern cable. For just one single-time payment, you can enjoy hundreds more channels at better quality!

And you don’t even need to be sure this is the right choice — they offer a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

You can try the WaveTune and then decide if you like it.

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How Can It Be So Affordable?

Since WaveTune is a direct-to-consumer brand, they spend no money on advertising.

They also only sell online so they can cut out any middle-men (like retailers) who just jack up the prices the consumer pays.

When you buy from a big brand, you aren’t only paying for the product, you are also paying for all the enormous costs they have as a company.

You’re helping to pay their rent, their CEO’s salary, their advertising costs, etc.

Why Is It Discounted Right Now?

It’s a very common business tactic these days. They give a certain amount of customers a big discount to try and get a lot of positive reviews and free social media attention!

The good news for you is that we have the links to their best promotions right here!

Be aware that they will go back to full price once it goes viral and demand grows, so order fast!

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Start Watching All Your Channels For Free!

Now that you’ve joined the lucky few who know about this new technology, let me show you how to set it up correctly.

All you have to do is follow these three steps:


Order WaveTune right now to take advantage of the 50% OFF sale.


Connect the device to your TV and turn on your WaveTune antenna using the power button.


Watch all your favorite channels in HD for free. WaveTune automatically shows you all the channels available. All you have to do is choose.

How Do I Get A Real WaveTune?

You can get WaveTune directly from the company’s website by clicking here. Are you ready to save thousands of dollars over a lifetime of cable fees? Then you have to try the WaveTune antenna.

Click the button below to order your very own WaveTune now.

As of * – Ever since the WaveTune was on major international media, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a one-time, first‑time‑buyer 50% discount.

NOTE: This product is NOT available on Amazon or eBay.

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